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Sensing based on Mid-IR LEDs

Mid-IR Light-emitting diodes

Using interband cascade heterostructures, Sensalight Technologies fabricates light-emitting diodes at wavelengths between 2.800 and 6.500 nm. Cw devices emit at room temperature maximum output powers of 1 mW or more at operation currents of 200 mA. The LEDs can also be operated in pulsed mode. With increasing wavelength, the optical bandwidth (FWHM) increases from about 800 nm to 1500 nm.

Mid-IR LEDs are low-cost alternative light sources to sensing lasers e.g. in combination with narrow band filters for suitable applications. The strong temperature dependence of the emission wavelength range may be used to further extend the spectral range.

Emission spectrum of MIR LED with maximum output at 4.400 nm for a drive current of 200 mA at room temperature. The full width at half maximum is close to 1.000 nm

Light output versus drive current caracteristics as well as current-voltage characteristics of the 4.400 nm emitting MIR-LED.