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About us

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Sensalight Technologies

Our company

The last decades have seen breakthroughs in semiconductor laser technology and IT, which open up a whole new world of sensing and analysis. Innovative laser concepts can help to minimize the use of resources, reduce the emission of greenhouse gases or avoid invasive medical diagnosis.

Providing high-precision sensing lasers for large quantity applications, Sensalight Technologies considerably enlarges the application possibilities of laser-based sensing.

We develop lasers and laser systems for real-time analysis of gas, liquid and solid components. Our devices can be customized for virtually any wavelength from below 1 µm to above 10 µm, permitting recalibration free quantitative detection in situ with high sensitivity and ultracompact design.

Sensalight Technologies is based in Wuerzburg, Germany. As a fully vertically integrated, ISO 9001 certified company, we cover the entire technology chain from laser design to assembly at the highest level of quality. In 2022, we moved into new premises, which provide a 700 m2 cleanroom equipped with a complete laser manufacturing line as well as laser characterization and tests sets.

Our highly qualified and motivated team is keen to explore new applications with our costumers.

How we came into being

Our Story

Founded in 2019, Sensalight Technologies is a fast-growing SME, which currently has 45 employees. We combine the drive and opendmindedness of a start-up company with a wealth of experience in laser R&D, modeling and fabrication.

Sensalight’s founders, Alfred Forchel and Johannes Koeth, have already proven their entrepreneurial skills and technology leaderhsip. In 1998, they set up nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH as a spin-off from the University of Wuerzburg. nanoplus quickly became one of the leading global manufacturers of lasers for gas sensing applications.

Until recently, laser-based sensing has been chiefly used in the commercial sector because of the high manufacturing costs. Drawing on new developments in laser design, Sensalight Technologies is transferring all the advantages of this technology to high volume customer applications for various sectors ranging from environment and health care to automotive or process control in industry. In parallel, Sensalight Technologies develops costumer-specific liquid or solid sensor systems based on photonics.


Sensalight Technologies is jointly led by its founders, Alfred Forchel and Johannes Koeth. Find out more about our executive directors.

Quality Management & RMA

Find out more about our company policies, quality standards and RMA process in this section.