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Gas sensing for environmental, health and security applications

Distributed Feedback Lasers

Sensalight Technologies fabricates continuous wave distributed feedback lasers (DFBs) using a technology which has been successfully applied to tens of thousands of high performance and high reliability longitudinal single mode lasers. These lasers are ideal for sensing gases, e.g., in environmental surveillance applications, due to their continuous current and temperature tuning of narrow linewidth laser lines over wavelength ranges of a couple of nanometers.

Typical cw room temperature output power specifications are 1 mW at a drive current of 100 mA or less. Maximum output powers of the order of 5-10 mW can be reached. The spectral linewidth of the lasers is on the order of 100 MHz. 

The DFB lasers exhibit monomode emission spectra with a side mode suppression ratio of 30 dB or larger. By changing the laser temperature or the laser drive current, the laser wavelength can be tuned mode hop free on and off a gas absorption line. Typical tuning speeds are between 0,18 and 0,5 nm/K (increasing from visible to MID-IR emission wavelengths) and between 0,054 nm/mA and 0,15 nm/mA (increasing with increasing wavelength), respectively.

DFB spectrum 760 nm (O2)
DFB spectrum 3.370 nm (CH4)
DFB spectrum 5.263 nm (NO)