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Discover a new world of sensing

Lasers & LEDs

Distributed Feedback Lasers

Our continuous wave distributed feedback lasers (DFBs) are based on a highly successful technology for fabricating single mode lasers with high performance and reliability. These lasers are ideal for gas sensing.

Widely Tunable Sensing Lasers

Widely tunable sensing lasers offer discontinuous tuning over large wavelength ranges. They are particularly suited for sensing applications in liquids and solids.

Mid-IR Light Emitting Diodes

Sensalight Technologies fabricates light-emitting diodes at wavelengths between 2.800 and 6.500 nm. Mid-IR LEDs are low-cost alternative light sources to sensing lasers.

Technological Service

Sensalight Technologies provides technological service to customers including nanofabrication by electron beam lithography, surface coatings and dry etching.

System components & systems

Sensor System Components

Products offered by Sensalight Technologies include electrical and optical components to facilitate the integration of sensing light sources into customer-designed systems.

Sensor Systems

Sensalight Technologies provides dedicated sensor systems for specific measurement tasks by industrial customers.

Explore the potential of innovative laser concepts



Sensalight Technologies produces gas-specific longitudinal single mode lasers as well as near and mid IR LEDs for detection of air pollutants and other trace gases.

Health Care and Fitness

Laser-based breath, blood or tissue analysis opens the way to a wide variety of health care applications.


Laser-based sensing permits to detect toxic gases and to monitor harmful substances and byproducts, e.g., in chemical processes.


Automotive applications include laser-based breath analyzers and quantitative measurements of engine combustion products. Laser-based sensors can also be used to monitor the air quality in cars.