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Increasing automotive traffic safety

Automotive applications often combine aspects of environmental and health care sensing. Of particular importance is the suppression of driving at alcohol levels exceeding the legal limits. More than 10.000 deaths per year are related to drunk driving in the US. The economic losses correspond to many billion $.

Sensalight is developing laser-based breath analyzers as well as non-invasive blood alcohol analyzers to be integrated in vehicles. If the driver's alcohol level exceeds the legal limits, the sensor will prevent the car from starting. Beyond automotive, there are further widespread applications of these devices e.g., in planes, trains, vessels, as well as for operators of large machinery.

Other automotive applications include quantitative measurements of engine combustion products like NOx, CO, CO2. Furthermore, laser-based sensors can also be used to monitor the air quality in cars e.g., regarding the CH2O concentration or to detect fatigue symptoms.  

If you are interested in laser sensing for these and other applications, please get in touch.