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Discover a new world of sensing

Product Categories

Real-time sensing of gas, liquid and solid components

Sensalight Technologies develops and manufactures lasers optimized for high-volume applications as well as optical and electronic components of sensor systems.

Gas sensing for environmental, health and security applications
Distributed Feedback Laser

Sensalight Technologies fabricates continuous wave distributed feedback lasers (DFBs) using a technology which has been successfully applied to tens of thousands of high performance and high reliability longitudinal single mode lasers.

Liquid and solid component sensing by semiconductor lasers
Widely tuneable sensing lasers

Widely tuneable monolithic semiconductor lasers offer discontinuous tuning over wavelength ranges between about one and several hundred nm, increasing with increasing wavelength. 

Sensing based on Mid-IR LEDs
Mid-IR Light emitting diodes

Using interband cascade heterostructures, Sensalight Technologies fabricates light emitting diodes at wavelengths between 2.800 and 6.500 nm.

Nanofabrication service tailored to your needs
Technological Service

Sensalight Technologies provides technological service to customers including nanofabrication by electron beam lithography, surface coatings and dry etching.

Laser-based sensor systems for trace detection in liquids and solids
Sensor Systems

Sensalight Technologies provides dedicated sensor systems for specific measurement tasks by industrial customers.

Universal Sensors
Universal Analyzer: SLT-SF 8000

Our SLT-SF 8000 is a high-end, semiconductor laser spectrometer for super-precise in-line and off-line measurements, aimed at controlling and optimizing production processes in an industrial environment.

Suitable for a variety of applications, such as trace component detection in both solids and liquids.  Detectables include water, alcohol, lactate, glucose, polymers, etc. As per the chosen wavelength, various other substances and pollutants may also be detected.

  • Engineered & Made in Germany
  • Top-Quality and Tailor-made to suit your specific needs