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Explore the potential of innovative laser concepts

Fields of Application

Laser-based sensing of gas, liquid and solid components

Semiconductor laser-based sensing has opened up a wide variety of new applications during the last two decades like detection of environmental pollutants including NOas well as climate changing gases like CO2, CH4, breath gas analysis for early indications of health problems, safety and resource-optimized industrial productions …

All applications benefit from

  • small sensor size
  • quantitative detection of trace gaces, liquid and solid components down to ppm levels
  • crosstalk free systems
  • long-term maintenance free lasers and systems

Multi-gas detection is available by the combination of different lasers or widely tuneable lasers.

Sensalight Technologies provides

  •  semiconductor sensing lasers at customer defined wavelengths between 760 nm and 10 µm for large volume applications
  •  different sensing laser designs for the best solution of your sensing task
  •  customer-specific sensor systems and components including e.g. application-specific optical probes, electronics

Semiconductor laser sensing goes far beyond gas sensing. Sensalight Technologies is developing and delivering lasers and sensor systems for liquid and solid sensing tasks. If you are interested in laser-based sensing of gas, fluid and solid components, please contact us.